What happens when you engage kindergarten children in a process of asking their own questions and designing ways to find the answers? This is what Denise Tarrats, a New York City kindergarten teacher, found out when she participated in an eighteen-month study of inquiry sponsored by the New York City Writing Project. Along with her students, Denise explored student developed questions about the...
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"The inquiry process is at the heart of all the technology tools I use with my students. This page shows the common sequence I use when introducing students to a new technology." Inquiry Cycle.jpg
Students aren't always sure what the issues are.  So it's hard to enter into a discussion if you don't even know what people are talking about.  To get them to start thinking about what might be important issues to them and to begin to clarify their views, I had them complete an issues survey.  1. A lot of the research and composition my students do in my classes is based on their own inquiry. ...

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