Over the summer, I determined two things for certain that would be different about this school year: 1 My class would have more independence and autonomy  2 My class would be more online  The first goal depends primarily on my attitude toward learning. If I trust that students will pursue the learning that interests them and that they need to accomplish their goals, passions, and dreams, I don't...
Because wikis are collaborative web sites that provide tools for gathering information, creating content, editing, and sharing digital files, it is a natural platform for inquiry based learning. Using a wiki allows for a continual process of asking questions and active investigation that leads to more questions. Theoretically, there is no final product. This is what may make it unsettling for...
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In this Voice Thread, I introduce wikis to my 4th and 5th grade students. I describe the underlying best practices I follow, and I talk about a technology inquiry process I use with my students. I also talk about how wikis were used to improve content area learning. Students discuss the impact wikis had on their learning.
Keywords: inquiry, wiki
"The inquiry process is at the heart of all the technology tools I use with my students. This page shows the common sequence I use when introducing students to a new technology." Inquiry Cycle.jpg