As I wrote the other day, I am curious about how to use visual infographics to tell a story. Here, as part of the #walkmyworld project, I decided to map out a typical day of mine (time spent where) and create an infographic of my day. I used an app on my iPad for the creation of it and rounded up and down a bit on the times to make them whole numbers. I also tried to use artistic design to...
This unit introduces middle school students to infographics, what they are and are not, leading to a mini-research project where students create their own infographics.
This infographic can be downloaded and shared for web or print uses. DG_Macarthur_r03-960_0.jpg
Keywords: infographic has provided this shareable infographic on Internet and mobile trends world-wide; proof that the world is connected, not just the United States. There's a lot of folks out there online. Happy connecting in the New Year!
Sarah Wenger at Open Site shares this infographic aimed at preserving the open web.