community connections

Throughout the Making Connection project, our teachers were regularly using blogs to reflect on their own experiences with using blogs for writing. Here are few piece of writing from participant teachers: “Growing up in Athol, I understand how living in a small community can become isolating for young people … Sharing their writing with peers in other communities is an invaluable tool that many...
A survey was given to all participants of the Making Connections project. Here are some of the student reflections: “The project, Making Connections, lasted for months through the school year. I liked this project for many reasons. One was that it used technology and a different way of a school writing project in a good way. Another thing that I liked was that the writers got to use feeling into...
The local affiliate of National Public Radio in Western Massachusetts (WFCR) stopped by some classrooms one day as the students were blogging and produced this piece about this use of technology in the school districts.
This is the second part of a documentary of the Making Connections Project.
This is the first part of a video documentary of the Making Connections Project.

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