Share With Us!

The Current is an open publishing site of Educator Innovator and provides a forum for the sharing of resources and stories about what we as educators are observing, doing, and reflecting upon related to Connecting Learning and teaching. We invite you to share with us by joining the community, engaging with content on the site, and creating and posting your own.


All members of The Current can

Add a Blog

Blog posts are daily updates, thoughts, question, and meditations from the community and can be published by anyone who joins. We encourage blogs to be shared and invite cross-posts from other blogs and publications.

Create a Resource

At The Current, resources are examples of practice and educator inquiries. They tend to be more “evergreen” than a blog post and can contain multiple pages as well as media. We invite all members of the community to request to become a resource creator, if interested.

Curate a Collection

Collections at The Current bring together a range of resources or blogs across a theme, highlighting cross-cutting ideas and posts. We invite all members of the community to request to become a curator, if interested.

The Current supports creative commons licensing to better support creative sharing and distribution of content.

Why Creative Commons?

The overall license of The Current is Creative Commons Attributions-Sharealike 4.0 International (see Terms of Use) in order to support creative sharing and distribution of content. We are influenced by the idea of creating community through the establishment of a shared commons of work as discussed in this video above as well as through conversations with colleagues at Creative Commons and P2PU.

How to Associate a License with your Content

Create licensed content: If you add a blog, create a resource, and/or curate a collection you can set the licensing of your content during the creation process. All content will default to the default license of The Current. Any media uploaded can also be edited and a license associated.

Find your license: All blogs, resources, and collections at The Current that are different than the default license now show as a human-readable license at the bottom of the each page of content.

Edit your license: To edit a license on your content, edit the content itself; there will be a section in edit mode that allows you to change the license. Once in edit mode, you may also edit the license of any related media that you have contributed.