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Mia Zamora
May 12 2014

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9 Resources in this collection
Site Director of Rhode Island Writing Project Jenn Cook's reflections on RIWP's participation in #clmooc.
Teacher consultant Danielle Lewis of Tar River Writing Project reflects on the #clmooc experience.
Site Co-Director and #clmooc Facilitator Joe Dillon reflects on the importance of supportive affirmation.
Kean University Writing Project Site Director Mia Zamora's reflections on the "open" experience of #clmooc 2013.
Redwood Writing Project TC Rosie Slentz reflects on how #clmooc 2013 offered professional "validation" for her already established practice of "having fun in the classroom".
Kean University Writing Project Site Director Mia Zamora's discussion of why the #clmooc has a central role in the current ISI 2014 model.
This NWP radio archive features several Site Directors discussing what is on their ISI summer reading lists. This resource enumerates many Connected Learning texts and addresses plans to incorporate the #clmooc 2014 in Summer Institute work.
A resource which features a series of webinars and twitter chats at Connected Learning TV.
An eBook Resource highlighting Connected Learning classroom practices.

Connected Learning and the Invitational Summer Institute

What possibilities emerge for Writing Project sites when you take the traditional Invitational Summer Institute (ISI) and infuse that model with the principles of Connected Learning?  What role might the Make Learning Connected MOOC (#clmooc) play in the unfolding Summer Institute?  This collection offers a glimpse of the possibilities that might emerge when the work of the the ISI and the #clmooc converge. ....Conversations open up, communities proliferate, networks are born, teachers become designers, and individual creativity blossoms in pluralistic fashion.  If joining in on the #clmooc experience is bit like being a drifting dandelion seed (see the "Ode to the Dandelion" post in this Collection), then the marriage of the ISI model with the #clmooc experience mirrors the full blown blossom of a summer wildflower field. This collection is an entry point to discovering the richness of this convergence.  It is a curation of connected learning reflections emerging from Summer Institutes.  The musings here are rooted in the first iteration of our Massive Open Online Collaboration - Summer 2013.  This summer's #clmooc (2014) will no doubt yield even more beauty as the seeds take hold and flourish.  Behold the bounty of the summer wildflower field..... Image "Natural Garden ...." by Bernd Meiseberg(CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 DE)

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