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Mar 25 2013

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Youth say they want respect, voice, value, safety, support, challenges, and a sense that they are making a contribution to something good in the world, so what can we learn from young people about what motivates them to engage and learn new skills?
Youth practice recording, interviewing, writing, rehearsing, editing, and presenting throughout media literacy programs, but what other skills do they practice and master in these programs that will help them in life?
Educators offer instruction, support, guidance, opportunities, challenges, resources, but how do teaching and learning really occur in out-of-school media literacy education programs?
Literacies are reading, writing, composing, creating, producing, changing, adapting, and evolving, but what do we know about how new and traditional literacies are already connected in the lives of today's youth?

Youth Say, Youth Practice, Educators Offer, Literacies are ...

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Originally created as a set of interlinked resources, this collection pulls together the research by Josyln Young, a Stoneleigh Junior Fellowship with Research for Action in 2010-2011. In her research she writes that she "wanted to figure out more about what teaching, learning, and pedagogy look like beyond the classroom." She specifically studied young producers at the Philadelphia Student Union and Chester Voices for Change and how they learn and master skills in media production.

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