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Aug 07 2014

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For this first Make Cycle, we focus our thinking and reflection around the ways in which How To guides can be used to share who we are and the things we are good at. You might be thinking, “What if I am not good at anything?” We would disagree. We believe that everyone knows how to do or how to be something! And there is no limit to what you could create a How To guide for.
As you delve into the world of memes, think about the literacy demands of being a member of the meme-making community of practice. Share your favorites with others, make and share your own memes, and reflect on the processes you’re going through as you read, write, and remix. Consider as well the connections you see with the principles of connected learning.
This week we will ask you to tell stories about play, to make up games and play them, to find others’ games and play them, and to hack/adapt games as you wish and you will. I think you will find that connected learning principles and values fit hand in glove with the idea of play.
In Make Cycle #4 we invite you to “Hack Your Writing.” Maybe you do not think you’re a “hacker” and associate the term exclusively with the most skillful and renegade of computer programmers. But this week we are encouraging a broader use of this term and a more open sense of its possibilities.
This week we’re inviting you to think about how you can tell a story using light. We thought this would make a great transition from last week’s Hack Your Writing Make Cycle. We’ll be deepening the conversation by moving it towards using light in general, taking projects out of our notebooks, and connecting with stories in our wider communities.
For this sixth Make Cycle, we will think about the power of images, and what it means to compose a text visually. When composing with images, we are forced to think critically in a way that focuses us on our intent in order to get a clear message across.

Connections and Reflections from CLMOOC 2014

CLMOOC sparkles by Sheri Edwards

Making Learning Connected is an event we offered during The Summer to Make, Play & Connect by Educator Innovatorpowered by educators from the National Writing Project. The goals of this MOOC—our Massive Open Online Collaboration—was to engage participants in interest-driven, making-centered experiences that embody the Connected Learning principles. We worked to adopt a collaborative approach and a reflective stance toward the processes of making and learning, and to provide an opportunity for us all to plan for similar experiences in our varied teaching and learning settings.

We are a community of educators and learners seeking to create rich, relevant and connected learning ecosystems

Throughout the summer we engaged in "Make Cycles" together as a CLMOOC community. Different than units or weekly study topics, Make Cycles are open-ended invitations to make, play, learn and connect. These cycles drew from resources and specialities surfacing throughout our on and offline community, and were designed to spark making and connectionrather than being designed as sequential steps that would lead to mastery of predetermined outcomes. If a particular Make Cycle sparked interest or generated community activity, we encouraged that energy forward. Make Cycles only have start dates, no end dates. This means that anyone can join CLMOOC at any time. (Follow @clmooc or @innovates_ed to learn more about how to getting connected and involved).

Teams from around the U.S. lead the Make Cycles during the summer of 2014, including National Writing Project educators from the Boise State Writing Project, the Northern California Writing Project, the Kean University Writing Project and the Hudson Valley Writing Project. Two more cycles were led by YouMedia mentors from Maker Jawn in Philadelphia as well as a team of CLMOOC “gamers” alongside mentors from Mozilla’s Webmaker community.

As a shared framework, the Connected Learning principles provide language and tools to support teacher and learner agency. The ideas that emerge from the CLMOOC summer experience help us all move forward with critical and collective conversations. In turn, we can bring these ideas “home” in our own contexts and communities throughout the year. In this sense, the CLMOOC and Connected Learning experience is also a movement

Reflections and connections abound! This collection highlights some of those we gathered and curated together.

Image: CLMOOC Sparkles by Sheri Edwards

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