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Feb 20 2018
Posted by: Amy Logue

What happens when a teacher is given the opportunity to play?  I spent some time playing with Scratch to get a sense of how my students might approach the task of designing their own video games.  Here's a screencast that I created to capture the process.

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Feb 20 2018
Posted by: David Cutler

After the better part of a decade honing how I give written feedback, I’ve found a degree of success by sticking to certain practices.

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Feb 01 2018

As a longtime writing student and new instructor at the college level, Bad Ideas About Writing put into words the discomforts that I was already feeling about institutional attitudes towards “academic writing.” While these discomforts had been brewing for a long time, I was never quite sure how to express them - or whether I was even allowed to express them. In my undergrad program, and even as far back as high school, there had always seemed to be a general underlying...

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Jan 13 2018
Posted by: Corey Olds

Given that one needs a phone, tablet, or computer and service to access it, the Internet is not the great equalizer that it has been touted to be. 

A more affordable, convenient, and well-organized source of knowledge is an unabridged dictionary. Recently, I picked up a free copy of the unabridged edition of The Random House Dictionary of the English Language. The copy had been abandoned, along with other household items, in a box marked “FREE STUFF” on the sidewalk. 

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Jan 09 2018

Introducing new collection of resources that exemplify some of the best connected learning practices from Pittsburgh.

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Jan 09 2018
Posted by: Corey Olds

When I studied Latin during my freshmen year of college, I was astonished to learn that our English word sentence derived from the Latin sententia, which means feeling, thought, opinion, vote, judgment, determination, will, and--of course--sentence.

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Nov 16 2017
Posted by: Andrea Marshbank

Conferences are a traffic intersection. They are jam packed, a five lane road that crosses a one way street with a slow light. There are jaywalkers and honkers, texters and screamers. On occasion, someone gets out of the car, slams the door self-righteously, and we all watch in fascination. While conferences may seem as streamlined as meeting in a room and listening to others talk about teaching, they are as complex and chaotic as anything else.

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Oct 31 2017
Posted by: Catherine Griner

What happens when teens from St. Louis neighborhoods come together with cameras, microphones, and laptops at UMSL Grand Center?  OneCity Stories welcomed high school students, partners from St. Louis media businesses, and teachers to establish a new publishing outlet for St. Louis youth.   Besides the thirteen youth writers and the dedicated staff, three transformation points contributed to the evolution of empowered teen voices at OneCity Stories.

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Oct 29 2017
Posted by: Sarah Elizabeth

In my online tech class we previously watched a movie and discussed the issues with bullying. Our professor posted these two links and asked that they would be added to our PLN. The one is a guide to the movie we watched called "Bully", it is a documentary based film. The other link is called the Bully Project where you can make a pledge and read more about bullying in todays schools. The thinks are provided below.

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Sep 26 2017
Posted by: Katie McKay

Bastrop ISD and Heart of Texas WP have partnered to form the Choice and Voice team for the LRNG grant. Our work is underway as we link Bastrop, TX K-4 teachers with community leaders to find innovative ways to share young students' writing out in the community. Check out our work so far!

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Sep 26 2017

The goal of our project was to explore connected learning by connecting in-school and out of school learning in a juvenile detention center through music and video projects designed to be self-reflective stories of how the students define freedom.

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Sep 23 2017
Posted by: Kate Fox

Our group of high school students had arrived via van, to the world famous home of monumental outdoor sculpture: Storm King Art Center. They had been told their English class would focus on Art and Social Justice, and this was part of the class.  Once a week we would visit the center and write.

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Sep 01 2017

How do you teach to, teach for, embody, inspire, or facilitate discussions about civic engagement in your context, subject area, or space?

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Sep 01 2017
Posted by: Liana Test

How do you teach to, teach for, embody, inspire, or facilitate discussions about civic engagement in your context, subject area, space?

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Jul 17 2017
Posted by: Christina Cantrill

This past semester, I invited several folks who participated in the past to come and share with my current class about their work and reflections on Connected Learning and teaching. I also had a chance recently to hear from several of past ED677ers in a panel discussion at Arcadia University in relation to a meeting on Connected Learning in Teacher Education. Below then is a set of compiled thoughts, notes and quotes from this work and those discussions.