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Youth are communicating with each other and the larger society today using a variety of digital and social media tools, but what are they saying? What possibilities do these digital tools hold for social, political, and economic change?

digital writing, culturally relevant pedagogy, culturally responsive, digital storytelling, change, critical literacy, critical pedagogy, critical race theory, critical theory, marginalized communities, oppression, secondary, students of color, transformation, urban
on Oct 25, 2010
by Cliff Lee
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Even the unstoppable momentum of 21st century literacy has not managed to completely debunk the myth of solitary genius, and the tension between solitary authorship and collaboration remains. In this collection, new voices dialogue in asking how individual perspective should be treated when it exists due to its role in a much larger, ongoing, public conversation.

digital writing, 21st century literacies, collaboration, conversation
on Oct 20, 2010
by Katherine Frank
Live-wired brain, B0003256 Credit Heidi Cartwright, Wellcome Images

The magnitude of the change in our core communications and media culture prompts speculation about the impact of that change on us as human beings. This collection gathers some of this speculation as various voices ask: Is it the end of the world as we know it? (By the way, I feel fine.)

21st century literacies, digital culture, reading online
on Jul 13, 2010
by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl